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  • Jack TerHar

    Jack joined his dad's dealership in 1970 and was quickly shown to be a natural in the automotive business. His success at building a wonderful family and business stems from an innate ability to make friends and positively influence those around him. His close relationship with the manufacturers has led him to having a unique perspective on the automotive industry. On his down time, he is an avid golfer and loves to travel. More than anything, he is proud of what Sill-TerHar has become, and values that his entire family is involved in its continued growth. He is pictured here with his wife Penny. 

    Favorite Car:
    2005 Ford GT

  • Greg Larson
    303.469.1801 x.129

    Greg's a Broomfielder through and through. He joined the staff in 2002 as a manager and has become known for his gruff exterior, however most of us know that if you don't let it phase you, you can get to his soft, nougaty center. As any well-versed leader, he commands respect and returns affection. He's a lot like Batman in that way. He loves the outdoors and his fifth wheel that he takes "camping."

  • Cole Gilmore
    Lincoln Sales Mananger
    303.469.1801 x.763

    Cole first joined us as a 16 year old doing emission testing for our used cars.  Given that he's now twenty... something, or maybe thirty depending on when you're reading this... he's been around for a while.  He left for school and other pursuits including spending some time as an addiction specialist in LA.  He came back as a Mazda salesman and worked his way quickly to Lincoln Manager. He and his wife have a little boy named Jack, thanks to their love of the Pirates of the Carribean series.  Cole was a baseball player in college.  It sounds impressive, until you learn that his college baseball team had 7 players, and 3 of them were over the age of 50.  Their star center fielder was a beautiful yellow lab.  He finished his college career batting .112 with most of his success getting on base coming in the form of drag bunts.  He dreams of being able to play catch with his 2 year old son Jack, who was named after the guy that Rose kicks off her floating debris in the movie Titanic.  Finally he wanted it known that he has an enormous head.  It's like an orange on a toothpick.  Fortunately his sweet boy Jack, so called thanks to a love of Georgian actor Jack McBrayer's performance as Kenneth the page in 30 Rock, has a very normal sized head.

  • Drew Bell
    Lincoln Sales Guide
    303.469.1801 x.6524

    Drew joined us in the year of the Yuck.  He was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, which is where 7-up was invented, was once known as the largest shoe-manufacturing center in the world, and is the original home of Sarah Clarke who apparently appeared in the Twilight movies?  The Nestle Purina careers page really had to reach for some of their St. Louis facts.  Also, did you know that your chocolate milk and dog food were made by the same company?  Sorry, I digress..  Drew got out of St. Louis and headed west for a real adventure when he chose CSU for his collegate education.  He doesn't list his major on here, but I can say that after numerous conversations with him, it was likely nuclear physics, or potentially custodial engineer.  He worked his way through college as a "busboy in restaurants" not to be confused with the bus boys who drive their VW Microbuses across the country discovering all that the US has to offer, they don't earn much.  In the summer time he would pack up his Green Honda Accord and head for the nearest rapid filled river to guide folks through the turbulent waters.  A perfect day involves waking up in his tent, packing up, heading to the nearest ski area for a little snowboarding followed by Nachos and Wings, then he opens up his Fan Duel app to win some money.  He said one of his hobbies is winning money on Fan Duel, so I assume if he's about to lose he just throws his phone away, gets a new one and opens a new account.  His favorite movies are 3:10 to Yuma (which I've heard of) and Birds of Prey, which according to the internet is a TV movie from 1973 about a former fighter pilot now working as a radio station traffic reporter witnesses a bank robbery. He chases down the bank robbers and a hostage in his helicopter. (I'm not familiar with this movie, but it sounds intriguing).

    His favorite vehicle ever was the moped he had in college.  His favorite vehicle had a top speed of 6.  I'm just going to leave that right there.  

  • Kelly Donaldson
    Lincoln Sales Guide
    303.469.1801 x.6551

    Kelly started as a Ford sales associate in late 2016.  He has since moved to our luxury sales team because he's so refined and appropriate.  Not that any of our salespeople aren't... He's just super that way. He graduated from Vanderbilt. Or Villanova? I always get the two confused. When I asked for interesting things he said he does nothing for fun, he's terrible at skiing (but trying to be better), he played tennis in college, and he won the F1 Championship in 1997.  When he was 5. I think he was lying about the last one. If you meet Kelly don't be alarmed by how tall he is. He looks almost too tall because he's skinny, but really he's just normal too tall.

  • Brandon Scott Lincoln Representative

    Brandon is not a member of the Sill-TerHar team officially.  But he does maintain our website just like Lincoln likes it, and that's terribly valuable.  Brandon's rich background includes a childhood full of loving if not stern parents.  His mother was a tailor who sewed his new blue jeans.  His father was a gamblin' man... well, I think you know where.  When he was in the military he was part of a crack commando unit that was sent to prison for a crime they didn't commit.  These men promptly escaped to the Los Angeles underground where they survived for years as soldiers of fortune.  If you had a problem, if no one else could help, and you could find them, you could hire his team. 

    Now that he's settled down in Texas he has a son who is the pride of his life, most days, and is dabbling in alchemy (or maybe it's amigurumi?  It's the one where they crochet cute little animals).

    He's a wonderful part of someone else's business, but helps us all the time.  I've never met him, but I googled his name and the picture I've attached came up. That's apparently the mayor of Baltimore?  I'm pretty sure our Brandon isn't currently also the mayor of Baltimore, so that's probably not him.